With meaningful experience that has traversed the spectrum of public policy, Riverfront complements the traditional lobbying efforts of corporations, candidates, non-profits, and advocacy organizations to overcome challenges and seize opportunities in the flow of public policy.

Few understand the function and dysfunction of state government better than the professionals at Riverfront. Policies negotiated at the state and local level have a profound impact on the clients and industries we serve. Fortunately, these decision makers are often the most responsive to public opinion and engagement.

That’s where we come in. We plan. We build. We execute.

Riverfront will work with your team to gather information, identify key players, recruit and train advocates, and build a customized and scaleable advocacy campaign that engages legislators and policy leaders before decisions are made and votes are cast.

By utilizing our tested and trusted on-the-ground coalition building process with the modern communications tools that add volume to our message, Riverfront can be an invaluable partner in the issue advocacy efforts of organizations large and small.

  • Policy Analysis
  • Regulatory Guidance
  • Opinion Research
  • White Papers
  • Infographics
  • Digital Media Strategy
  • Grasstops Engagement
  • Persuasion Mail
  • Media Engagement
  • Grassroots Development
  • Broadcast Media



Coalitions work to engage on your issues over the long term. Riverfront professionals have led and managed coalitions and campaigns focused on prominent policy issues at the local, state, and national level, and know what it takes to break through the noise.

Built correctly and managed effectively, coalitions can change public policy. Riverfront works to identify and train citizens to become advocates and advocates to become leaders in statehouses around the country.

Whether building a coalition from the ground up or helping existing coalitions refine their structure, message, and approach, Riverfront will help maximize the effectiveness of your advocates and the quality of their advocacy.

  • Advocate Recruitment
  • Board Development
  • Advocacy Training
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Fundraising Training
  • Event Logistics & Support
  • Campaign Management
  • Social Media Training
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Legal Assistance



Corporations often need grassroots advocacy to strengthen their legislative push. Advocacy organizations often need grasstops advocacy to broaden the appeal of their message.

Our professionals have managed corporate communications and political advocacy campaigns at the highest level on the most prominent issues. We know that most communications plans fall short without an adaptable approach that engages citizens and advocates directly.

Through a modern approach that stays ahead of traditional advocacy, Riverfront incorporates today’s voter contact technology, digital advertising, geofencing, and social media to customize your campaign and expand your messaging capabilities.

  • Public Opinion Surveys
  • Focus Groups
  • Content Creation
  •  Town Hall Events
  • Broadcast Advertising
  • Social Media Management
  • Audience Acquisition
  • Digital Campaigns
  • Patch Call Programs
  • Email Campaigns